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 De Soutter Medical Orthodrive

The new orthodrive system is the latest innovation in high performance large bone power tools from De Soutter Medical. The MBQ high torque rotary handpiece provides the surgeon with ample power even for the most demanding of acetabular reaming procedures. In fact, the new drill/ream handpiece produces over 30% more reaming torque and speed than before. The powerful dedicated sagittal saw cuts through the hardest of bone with ease and precision.

• Exceptional system versatility. Four different function attachments, including reciprocating and mini sagittal saws, wire/pin driver and a direct drive pulse lavage. In addition 12 different rotary attachments are all driven from a single handpiece.

• Class leading power to weight ratio coupled with De Soutter Medical’s long heritage in designing power tools with superb ergonomics.

• Optional twin trigger rotary handpiece with instant forward, reverse and oscillating drill/tap modes.

• Proven system reliability enhanced through continuous engineering development, including new fourth generation hermetically sealed hybrid motor controller and intelligent battery charging technology.

• Easy, quick change locking mechanism. Simply snap in to lock.

• Built-in, quick change drill/ream gearbox eliminates dedicated reaming attachments – reducing cost and weight.

• Whether your preference is for battery - either aseptic or sterile - or indeed corded power, the orthodriveTM System provides total OR flexibility.

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