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 Carewell CN-1112L

Main features

• 12-lead simultaneous acquisition
• 6”LCD , real-time display of 12-lead ECG waveforms
• Detection and alarm on lead-off and low battery
• Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal printing
• Built-in ECG simulator for DEMO purpose
• Pre-10-second printing to print out any abnormal ECG waveform
• Unique 6CH+P printing mode, convenient for physical examination and a printed report on A4 size paper
• 3 kinds of operation mode: AUTO, MAN and ANA
• 3 kinds of filters: HUM, EMG and ADS
• Power supply: AC, DC and battery
• 2 types lead mode: Standard and Cabrera
• 8 ECG files can be saved in the system
• 1,000 ECG files can be saved
• Communication with PC (Option)

Standard configuration

• ECG-1112 L main unit
• Patient cable
• Chest electrode
• Limb electrode
• Thermal paper
• Paper roller
• Rechargeable battery
• Dust cover
• Screwdriver


• Aluminum trolley
• PCECG-500 Workstation
• Universal electrode adapter
• Carry bag

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Technical Specifications

Product Areas:
- 12-Channel EKG


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