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 Huvitz HBK-7000 Smart Blocker

• Intuitive and well-arranged graphic icons.
• Touch screen
• Wide High-Resolution LCD
• Auto-Balancing Lens Support and Lens Holder
• Storage by using SD card slot
• Permanent illumination by using LED

• Provides interfaces for data communication to receive frame shape data from the Frame Reader and to transmit edging job data to the Lens Edger for edging.
• The communication interface allows two lens edging instruments to be connected at the same time.
• Wide 8.4 inch Color LCD with practical touch-screen interface.
• The lens on the lens stage is automatically leveled by the lens leveler and the lens holder.
• Supports saving edging jobs on the external SD memory card for future reuse.

Display Panel
Color LCD panel with touch screen interface that tilts between 45° to 65° degrees to accommodate to the viewing angle of the operator. Displays live images of the working stage and various menu icons and input fields for designing an edging job.

Lens Holder
Holds the lens on the lens leveler for blocking.

Blocking Arm
Provides the block holder and the handle for blocking.

Lens Leveler
Automatically balances the lens with three leveling legs.

Block Holder
Holds the lens block to be attached on the lens.

SD Card Socket
Allows jobs to be stored in the memory for later use.

Communication Ports
Provides connection ports for other instruments or devices.

Other Ports
Edger1 port for the first lens edger
Edger2 port for the second lens edger
Tracer port for a Frame Reader
Barcode port for a barcode reader
Console port for future use

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Technical Specifications

Product Areas:
- Patternless Edgers


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