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 Baixiang Medical HS Series Pulse Steam Sterilizer

HS series pulse steam sterilizer is a fully automatic sterilizer, it is designed for the sterilization of biology products, utensils, aseptic clothes, medical instruments and clothing for fields of biology projects, healthcare, animal laboratory and pharmaceutical industry, etc.

• It adopts Siemens PLC to control the process of high efficiency with the function of reliability and flexibility.
• The vacuum step is completed by pulse vacuum several times with the feeding system to ensure air exhaustion over 99%, to avoid dead angles in temperature small volume.
• Chamber and jacket are made fully of stainless steel with a 6mm thickness.
• The door gasket is made of medical silicon rubber, it is one-step molding and jointless.
• The parameters such as time, temperature, pressure, etc in process can be displayed and adjusted on the screen, these parameters also can be printed by the built-in printer.
• Touch screen interface makes the operation easier. The program is fully automatic after the start, manual operation is also available.
• Emergency switch can stop any abnormal operation. For double door type, only one door can be opened at a time. Safety valves will release pressure from the chamber and the jacket if the pressure is out of range.

*This product is for export only.

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