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 CooperSurgical Norland XR-800

The XR-800 is an 8 foot table incorporating all the essential features of DXA scanning. Scan sites include: Both Lateral Spine and Whole Body. Optional scan sites include: Soft Tissue composition, Forearm, as well as Whole Body (Soft Tissue and total skeleton) and various special applications, such as Pediatric, Orthopedic and Research scan modes.

Key Features that Set Norland DXA Tables Apart:

• The Best Possible Value
Both tables provide accurate, precise readings with ease of use in mind, combined with cutting edge Illuminatus DXA™ software.

• EmperiCAL™
The most advanced algorithm for ensuring discrimination between the varying degrees of soft tissue and bone density.

• AcuBeam™
Ensures accuracy, efficiency and safety of BMD measurement while minimizing X-ray exposure

• DynaFlux™
Ensures accurate measurement of BMD and body composition in both obese and lean patients. Along with AcuBeam, it minimizes X-ray exposure

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Technical Specifications

Product Areas:
- Bone Densitometer


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