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 Gilras GDR-7000

Easy installation & powerful networking - Simple automated eyes examination system
- Convenient system installation thru Junction box .
- Single cable connection among the instruments.

Perfect networking & data management
- Useful data-link among mirror chart, projector, refractor & lensmeter .

Supports the connection of chart presentation devices by both serial and IR interface
- Automatic data transmission & integrated management of customerīs data.

Economic & efficient system
- Built-in printer in the Operation Panel

GDR7000 supplies the most various examination methods compared with any other refractors.
- 18 visual acuity tests
- 26 monocular and binocular (correction) tests
- 35 user-defined tests can be stored and edited using the Powerful program function
- Up to 10 user-defined programs can be stored.
- In a user-defined program, any single tests, auxiliary lenses, fogging, chart masking, and other options can be all stored.
- Renaming the user-defined programs is also possible for the userīs convenience, Worldwide chart & various vision test methods.

Type A (OP-1A) Controller
Type B ( OP-1B ) Controller
Type C ( OP-1C ) Controller
Type D ( OP-1D )
Sharp design & intelligent near vision chart - The near point card rotates freely in all directions , 360 degree horizontally and 180 degree back and forth. - Complete chart combination for near vision test.

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Technical Specifications

Product Areas:
- Digital Refractor


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