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 Eli Ezer EZ-RTO-7200

Includes 1 Retinoscope Head, 1 Ophthalmoscope Head, 1 Wall Mount Transformer with handles. Power cable with plug & 4 Fixation Cards.

3.5V Streak Retinoscope is designed to help the practitioner to easily determine the patient's prescription. The streak retinoscope is easy to use, fast, accurate and especially valuable in determining the axis of astigmatism.
- Multi-coated optics
- A single control sleeve for vergence and rotation & comfortable operation.
- Dust-proof, maintenance free
- Metal handle - for long lasting operation
- Superior streak quality enables easier and quicker refraction, including in patients with small pupils.
- The powerful bulb ensures easy recognition of neutralization.
- The lowest position gives a divergent beam.

The OPH-2600 enables easy view in undilated pupils for a more thorough exam, while two options provide optimum light levels for all eyes, including those with cataracts.
- Precise lamp filament and optical alignment.
- 3.5V Halogen lamp provides light output for true tissue color & consistent, long-lasting illumination.
- 28 Various lenses ranging in power from: 0D, ±1D, ±2D, ±3D, ±4D, ±5D, ±6D, ±7D, ±8D, ±9D, ±10D, +12D, ±15D, ±20D, -25D, +40D
- 18 unique aperture / filter combinations for greater versatility.

Wall Mount Transformer
- Automatic on/off switch, when replaced in the handle unit, energy is saved and the service life of the lamps increased
- Provides a constant 3.5V output voltage independent of mains voltage fluctuations
- Advanced ergonomic handle design. Continuous brightness control on the handle
- Quality spirat cords with a comfortable working radius of up to 3m
- Instrument locks prevent unauthorized removal.

Eli Ezer
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