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 Baixiang Medical PS-350D low temperature plasma sterilizer

The top quality PS-350D low temperature plasma sterilizer is safe, simple, and sophisticated. Sterilizes rigid endoscopes(including da Vinci® 3-D scopes),cameras,light cables, batteries, micro surgical (including ophthalmic) and general surgery instruments. System byproducts are water vapor and oxygen. Sterilized instruments are subject to low temperature (55ºC), low pressure, and are free from toxic residue. Ease of use: one-button operation. No costly plumbing or ventilation required.

PS 350D is run by state of the art microcomputer and utilizes an advanced hydrogen peroxide gas plasma process to rapidly sterilize a wide range of instruments at a low temperature. It offers a 35-minute Standard Cycle time and the flexibility of having dry, packaged, sterile instruments available for use anytime, enabling you to handle more caseloads without delays.

*This product is for export only.

Baixiang Medical
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