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 Huvitz HIS-5000 Imaging System

The HIS-5000 5x slit lamp is compatible with a digital camera that is fast and stable. There will not be much time wasted, as the MS Access Database-based system allows you to search and easily manage current and previous data of all patients. As well, correlative animation of images captured in different time frames allows you to detect progression of anything suspicious.

Patient Information Management
MS Access Database System allows you to search symptoms, diagnosed information, and related contents. You can also easily manage data history of patients.

Intuitive User Interface
Intuitive tree-structured user interface allows easy access to and updates of patient information without any complicated clicking.

Digital Camera
The IEEE 1394 interface in the Huvitz camera system offers you a high mega pixel resolution images with increased speed and a more stable data transmission than a conventional USB port transmission.

Quick Image & Video Saving
High performance progressive scan CCD camera provides quick image capture of diagnosed images and videos in real time with a simple click on joystick button.

Powerful Image Processing
With Live Tool graphic library, all the images such as JPG, TIFF, RAW and many more formats can be adjusted for brightness, contrast, color channel, saturation, inversion, sharpness, red-free, etc.

Image manipulation for the best diagnosis
Compare - The selected images can be magnified, reduced and rotated with various graphic effects for accurate comparison and diagnosis.
Overlay - Correlative animation of images captured in different time frames allows you to identify metastasis of symptoms.
Slide Show - All selected images can be shown in a slide show, which can used for presentations.
Reference - Images of same symptoms can be registered or searched for further reference.
Report Generation - Automatic patients report export function in MS Word format.
Print - Easy single-click of current images.

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