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 Gilras GRK-7000

Optimal Optical System
GILRAS optic technology offers fast and accurate readings and enhances the reliability of the results. GRK-7000 provides you with a more precise measurement of refractive power and corneal curvature.

With auto start mode, the GRK-7000 maintains fogging throughout multiple readings, which makes it ideal for all patients, but especially children, by decreasing uncomfortability. This, as well as other functions of the GRK-7000, will make your practice more efficient.

Wide Measurement Range
GRK-7000 provides diagnostic information and superior performance with a great range of refraction and keratometry measurements.

CLBC (Contact Lens Base Curvature)
Measuring the base curvature of contact lens is useful for contact lens fitting.

PD Pupillary Distance
PD is automatically measured when checking both eyes which saves you valuable time.

VD (Vertex Distance)
VD selection function (0, 12, 13.5, 15mm) offers more accurate measurements data.

Focusing Indicator
The focusing indicator appears on the screen when the eye is in the optimal position.

Convenient One - Touch Lock
With the convenient one-touch lock, the main body can easily be fixed to the base.

High Speed Printer
The high speed printer provides a copy of the final measurement results in 3 seconds. The printing paper can be changed easily by opening the one-touch paper holder.

Automatic Power-Off
The system automatically shuts off to conserve energy and prevent overheating.

Realization of a Total Refraction System
GRK-7000 can be easily connected to GILRAS Digital refraction system for full integration.

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Technical Specifications

Product Areas:
- Autorefractors / Keratometers


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