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 Huvitz HNT-7000

Huvitz HNT-7000 measures patient's IOP with the touch of a button. Left / Right side change, alignment, focusing and puffing is done automatically with incredible ease. The fully automatic functionality and corneal thickness data compensation function provide more precise IOP values for diagnosis. Improved measurement value, better time management and patient comfort are just a few additional advantage of the finest non-contact tonometer from Huvitz.


Full Auto Tracking
Only a button needs to be pressed to align, focus and puff both left and right eyes.

User Friendly Interface
User friendly icons provide you with an easier operation environment.

Smart Puffing Control
Soft Puffing maximizes patient comfort. The puffing is automatically regulated after the measurement if needed.

Corneal Thickness Compensation
For more precise tonometry, corneal thickness values of the patient can be inserted to get compensated and accurate data.

5.7"Touch Color TFT LCD
High Resolution touch LCD screen with 0 to 90 degree tilting function provides easy and effective operation under any given condition.

Safety Stopper
A safety sensor is implemented to avoid any contact between the nozzle and the patient's eyes.

Integrated Printer
The measured data can be easily printed out by the integrated printer.

Data Transmission
The measured data can be transmitted through the RS-232 port to a PC.

Power Saving Function
Idling time can be set for automatic power saving mode.

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Technical Specifications

Product Areas:
- Tonometer


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