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 Huvitz CPE-4000

Huvitz Excelon provides the versatility and efficiency that today's retail practices require. With cutting-edge 3 dimensional digital technology, the Excelon offers fully integrated automatic finishing - including beveling, polishing, grooving, and safety beveling, - for faster, easier, and more accurate lens processing.


Layout - Digital Pattern Layout
The "Digital Pattern Layout" allows users to modify lens width, height, and circumference and manage the fitting challenges posed by rimless and semi-rimless frames. Operators can choose between optical and geometric centered layouts. Layouts for far vision and near vision in bifocal lens mode are provided. The horizontal PD can be easily adjusted. Multiple input methods for setting the height of multi-focal progressive lenses are available. When replacing frames the sizes of the old and new frames can be conveniently compared on screen.

Optimal Beveling and Grooving with 3-Dimensional Measurement
3D lens Measurement with Lens Sensor

Avoiding the Spoilage with Customized Beveling
3D Edging Process / Beveling - The bevel position can be adjusted in 0.01mm increments relative to the front curve, back curve, thickness, or base curve of the lens.

Automatic Polishing
3D Edging Process / Polishing -Polish beveled, grooved, and flat-edged lenses.

Automatic Front and Rear Safety Beveling
3D Edging Process / Safety Beveling - Safety bevel all materials on one or both sides.

Adjustable Precision Grooving
3D Edging Process / Grooving - The position, width and depth of the groove can be adjusted in 0.01mm increments.

Grinding Wheel
Four grinding wheels enable the Excelon to edge all lens Materials.

Convenient User Interface
The graphic user interface allows the operator to easily manage all process functions and system default values.

Efficient and Silent Operation
• Advanced 3-dimensional digital technology substantially reduces the overall cycle time.
• Numeric keypad permits rapid data entry.
• Manage multiple jobs simultaneously for improved efficiency.
• The inverter mechanism minimizes noise during the edging process, ensuring a comfortable work environment.

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Technical Specifications

Product Areas:
- Patternless Edgers


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